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HOME From Tunis to Quebec City

Quebec is said to be incapable of retaining young people and immigrants. According to this logic, at 28 years old and originally from Tunisia, Taïeb Moalla should have set sail for a while to see if the grass is greener elsewhere. In Montreal, for example, the number one attraction for most newcomers to Québec.

Yet Taïeb likes to defy logic. He is still here, well installed for five years with his blonde in the Montcalm district, convinced more than ever that it is in Quebec that he wants to settle permanently.

“My life is here, I can not say why, but I immediately felt it when I arrived,” said the young freelance journalist, between two mouthfuls, at the Algerian restaurant Aux 2 Violons, rue Crémazie.

I had met Taieb a few moments before, on Cartier Street, as he went, as every Friday, to buy his sacrosanct du Canard enchaine . A whole change from that time when he lived in Tunis and that he had to go to the airport to beg the newspaper to the French tourists who had just landed … by westkinassociates 16 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London, W1S 1HT
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The success of immigrants related to the country of origin?
There are currently immigrants in Montreal with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or a doctorate, who, for lack of a job corresponding to their training, drive taxis from morning to night. “This is a reality that tends to disappear,” says sociologist Jean Renaud, director of the Center for Ethnic Studies of Montreal Universities (CEETUM). “On a professional level,” he adds, “integration is quite satisfactory.”

In a study of more than 1541 recent immigrants (1997-2000), the researcher measured for the first time access to skilled jobs among “selected workers”, those immigrants selected by the ” Quebec according to the relevance of their know-how in the labor market. “More than two-thirds of immigrants (68%) have a job that matches their skills after five years in Quebec,” said the researcher, who was assisted by Tristan Cayn, co-signatory of this important study. This is good news because immigrants are rarely employed in lower-level jobs. ”

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Young people from visible minorities feel less accepted
As in France, second-generation visible minority immigrants feel less accepted in Canada than their parents, according to various demographic studies. “Their parents have come (to Canada) in hopes of a better life,” said University of Toronto sociologist Jeffrey Reitz, one of Canada’s leading immigration and multiculturalism. “They can make comparisons to where they were, but they can go ahead, but their children born in Canada do not have the option of going elsewhere, So their expectations are much higher, “Reitz said.

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A woman surprised by her destiny
From Port-au-Prince to Montreal, via Thetford Mines, Michaëlle Jean’s life did not seem to take her to Rideau Hall, the official residence of the Governor General in Ottawa. At least until recently.

Draw the ideal immigrant, the one that is not cold in the eyes, and the result will look very like Michaëlle Jean. Draw a portrait of an immigrant who brings more to her country of adoption than anything she could draw from it, and you will get Michaëlle Jean. Draw a portrait of a Quebec woman embodying modernity, tolerance and openness to the world, and you will see Michaëlle Jean appear again .

This model, this icon, was imagined filmmaker, TV host, journalist, professor, actress, scientist, diplomat, librarian, race driver or even lion trainer. But Governor General of Canada? She seemed still stunned by the news yesterday morning when Prime Minister Paul Martin announced his appointment. Clinging to her husband and daughter, it looked like she was on a frail skiff, in the midst of a raging ocean.

“I did not expect fate to strike this way at my door,” she said. “During my years as a journalist and host, Public television channels, I have seen prejudices retreat and mentalities evolve, and the days when people dared to think and say that a black person had no credibility in the eyes of the public. And it is in this state of mind that I acquiesce in the proposal made to me and that I intend to exercise the role of Governor General. ”

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Bellemare promises to hire more immigrants
Positive discrimination in order to hire more immigrants in the City of Québec and funding of places of worship by the municipal authorities: this is what the candidate for mayor Marc Bellemare proposes to encourage the integration of newcomers in the city capital city.

The head of Vision Québec also attended the Chinese Cultural Festival which took place in Saint-Roch. The campaign for the November elections is not yet under way as the candidates multiply the public appearances.

The teams at Vision Québec and Québec City Renewal (RMQ), Claude Larose at the head, clashed on the Saint-Charles River on Saturday during the traditional dragon boat race.